Library Vision and Mission

The UoEm library operations are guided by its vision, mission, and objectives. These are in line with the EUC Vision, Mission, and Quality Policy Statement. The Libraries vision, mission, and objectives are spelled below;


A global gateway to scholarly information.


To provide contemporary information services that will empower the University in carrying out its core activities; teaching, learning, and research and external services.


  1. To select and acquire up-to-date information resources in various formats that are relevant to the information needs of the university
  2. To organize the collection using internationally accepted standards to allow for easy retrieval
  3. To establish, promote and maintain a wide range of services that will support the academic programmes of the University.
  4. To build the information literacy and competency skills of its users continuously by conducting proper user education and instruction through a variety of methods in order to provide guidance to the library’s collection
  5. To recruit, develop and retain qualified, experienced and dedicated professional library staff who will offer high-quality services to the users of the library.
  6. To adopt technologies that will make information resources accessible to the University community in an efficient and effective manner
  7. To create, maintain and preserve locally produced knowledge within University of Embu