Access to past papers (update)

To access the past exam papers: 

  1. Go to library website (
  2. Click on the link provided to you at the top of the site (Past Exam Papers)
  3. Choose your appropriate sub-community from either undergraduate (for diploma/ Bachelors) or Postgraduate (Masters/Ph.D.):
  4. Choose your department from the collection options provided.
  5. Browse/search within the collection by either using:
    1. Unit code e.g COM 100
    2. Unit name e.g Communication Skill
  6. Save the results by downloading them to your PC.

NB: Login to the e-resources portal (Remote Access) to get more information and PDF password for the past papers

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SAGE Research Methods

This is a reputable database that supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process.  Everyone conducting research in any subject is recommended to use this rich database, which supports all subjects. Click here to visit Sage Research Methods

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